Today, it has been raining all day. It is such a relief to hear the rapping on the raindrops hitting the cement outside, and walking outside, getting soaked to the skin in a few minutes. Is it weird that I love rain this much?

I haven’t written in a while, I’ve been very busy. I have been going non stop for two and a half weeks, and I only stopped because I ended up getting pretty sick. I also hurt my knee. Rolling off a mattress at Macy’s. Yes, sad way to hurt your knee. Yes, I also feel old, having to get up and having stiff joints. It is a quite lovely feeling. Not really.

I have enrolled into college, for winter quarter. I am going to go for a degree in English, and hopefully become a teacher. If I don’t change my mind that is.

I have been thirsting for an amazing book, for a while now. I finally decided to buy a copy of The Kite Runner. It is by far, one of the best books I have read in my entire life. It may even surpass the oh so enchanting Catcher in the Rye. I spend a few hours with an old English teacher today. She lent me a copy of Khaled Hossieni’s other book, A Thousand Splendid Suns. I cannot wait until I crack that baby open! The one thing I love about Mrs. Smith, is that she doesn’t care what the heck you do inside her books, as long as it pertains to the story in the pages. Some high school senior is going to be happy as a clam when they open the book she lent me, and there are notes and theories and scribbles all over the pages. Not to mention definitions of all the words in Farsi. She also threw another book in my face, it’s called The Bookseller of Kabul. See any reoccurring themes here? Yes. Afghanistan. Reading these books, kind of makes me want to go there. I mean Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, aren’t memoirs, but they are based on documented occurences in Afghanistan when the Russians invaded and the Taliban took over. I read Lipstick Jihad about a year ago and found it interesting. It isn’t as well written as Hossieni’s books are though. I was reading last night, and realized I was completely lost, when Amir went to Pakistan to visit Rahim Khan. I thought Amir was still telling the story about Hassan and his family in the little village and was beyond confused so I went to bed and started reading it again and realize Khan was telling the story. I made a note of that for my best friend, who wants to read it when I’m done. I am still aching to know how the title connects with the content though. I will keep updating about The Kite Runner. I suggest to whomever is reading this to go get a copy. It will bring you to tears, make you dance sitting in your awfully comfy chair, and make you scream at the irredeemable mistakes of Amir. I hate him. When he got beat up by Assef, 25 years after leaving Kabul, I was grinning like a fool. 🙂


In the adventure of cleaning out my RV, or motorhome for those random people who only know it one way, I noticed a large fly infestation in the bathroom. I would kill them all, and two days later it would be even worse. My cousin was talking about a nest when he was in there with me and I said, “Probably.” Well now I know the man saw the freaking wasp nest in the vent! I was hanging up a fly catcher, no, not a dream catcher, those things with the stickyness.  Flies get attached to it and can’t get off and die. It’s not an evil way to kill them, they only live for like two days anyway!

Anywho, this bright girl here, yes I am pointing to myself, was attempting to hang the fly sticky catchy thingy from this said vent. Let’s just say I noticed the little wasp nest. I said a few choice words and went into the garage to look for bee killer. I didn’t find any, so I told my aunt, this was at like seven in the morning and she was still sleeping. I opened the door and said, “AUNTIE! There’s a wasp nest in the vent in the bathroom!” She shot up out off bed and the look on her face was priceless. Yes, I still call my aunt, Auntie, and I am almost twenty years old. She says, “WHAT?!” And starts to get out of bed. I realized she was thinking I meant in a bathroom in the house. I say, “you know, in the motorhome.” She rolls her eyes at me, and tells me there’s bee killer in the garage, I inform her I already attempted to find it and didn’t. I request we jump in the car and go to Home Depot and get poison to murder them! (Note to self, write about how my aunt also managed to poison me yesterday.) She says, “Michele is getting the motorhome on Friday. It is Wednesday. Let’s just go a different day.” I frown and go back to finish cleaning the motorhome.

Well, it is now Thursday in my little story. I went down to the motorhome to clean it out more. Mainly get all the flies out of the shower, and off the floor. Which I still need to do. The shower part anyway. I put clean dishes in the thing too. Michele is renting it for a week or so. We don’t use it, so we rent it. FABULOUS, yes? She will be here after five, with her husband. I’ve never met them, their my aunt’s ex boyfriends niece. He’s been coming around more since my uncle died. He does stuff to fix up the house. Since I guess I have no skill? I’ll tell you about the caulking fiasco later. It goes with my aunt poisoning me. Anyway, I have my aunt come down to the motorhome, to look at the nest. She says, “shit,” when she sees it, and calls Gordy, the said ex, and asks him how to remove a wasp nest. He says to get the spray. It’s already like four in the afternoon, and when you kill wasps you need to do it in the morning. We rush out to Fred Meyer this morning, at like nine, and get the spray to end their lives. I swing the door to the bathroom open, and say, “my name is Ignigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!” And held up the poison and sprayed the crap out of the vent. I heard them do the I’m pissed buzz, and I noticed the spray didn’t go through completely. I shrugged, and read the can then. It said, ‘Do NOT use indoors, on plastic or vinyl, it may damage it.’ Well, the vent is plastic, the floor is vinyl and it is indoors. I slammed the door, and went to climb the ladder to get onto the roof. Because I am that brave. I reached my arm as far as it could go, and held down the trigger. Well, my brain didn’t account for the fact the can said turn your back to the wind, because apparently, I didn’t realize my jacket was blowing in the breeze. Needless to say, the spray blew to the left, and didn’t make it to the vent. I wanted to see if the wasps were still buzzing, but didn’t feel like climbing down the ladder, I’m wearing pants that have no spandex, it would have been stupid to climb down, then back up. So I pulled out my cellular device and called my aunt and told her to come see if they were still buzzing. She went into the motorhome and came back out and said they were dying, and the foam was dripping ALL over the bathroom. Remember, it says do not use on plastic, and vinyl, and do not use indoors. Well, I need to start reading cans completely. I’m hoping the floor and counter are fine when I return to clean it up later.

Onto the caulking fiasco now! The slider kept leaking when I watered the grass, but I thought it was because the slider was getting hit when I would come and go through the door, and that the water was just getting into the tracks. On Wednesday, it was leaking like crazy, I heard it dripping and was like aw hell. Yesterday, I went to the garage, and found caulking and a caulking gun. The gun had gross poop brown caulking in it, so I had to get it out. It took me a good twenty minutes to get that stupid tube out. I was getting pissed at it, and my aunt couldn’t even get it out. I put the white caulking in and went to clean the top of the slider. My aunt was like you know how to use that right? I was like uh yes. It’s like a glue gun, and you go with your finger over it and get the extra off. I grabbed a chair, and stuck it halfway inside and halfway on the top of the stairs to the patio and attacked the seal with caulking and ran my finger after it. I ended up with caulking all over my fingers and apparently, my aunt didn’t feel like telling me it’s ridiculous to get off. She reads the bottle for removing it from SURFACES and tells me to put this stuff on my hands and gives me a can of stuff. I put it on my hands and within like five seconds they’re on fire and burning, and turning way red. I scream at her, and destroy the door to the pantry trying to get it open. I grabbed the vinegar off the shelf, thanks to Mrs. Robertson, I know vinegar is an acid and neutralizes bases. I figured this was most likely a base. Thank God, it was. It stopped the burning, and left me with red hands, but caulking was still all over my fingers. I was getting seriously mad at it, and grabbed a rag to just dry off my hands, and the cloth of the rag got it off! My aunt should have known that would have worked. She’s close to sixty, and has owned plently of houses herself, and dated a handyman for like four years! SHE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! Needless to say, my hands and fingers are mighty fine, but I have learned that I should read the packaging before I decide to pour something, or spray something.


Posted by: katieelou | August 2, 2010

I Want Apple Pie Ice Cream.

The sun came out today. I was praying for rain, then I wouldn’t have to water everything that can die outside. I enjoy the sound rain makes on the asphalt, and the fresh clean smell in the air it leaves behind. I haven’t had rain in the infamous city where everyone thinks all year it rains,  for a good month. I’ve gotten my tanned skin from the sunshine, can I have the frizzy hair from the rain now?

Something else has been bothering me lately. The fact a large percent of the population has unbelievably horrible taste in music. The number of views annoying artists have on Youtube, like Miley, compared to incredibly written lyrics, that are beautifully sung by amazing talent has. Right now I am listening to Sara Bareilles, and her song King Of Anything, doesn’t even have a million views yet. It’s been on youtube for over a month. Is it not as popular as her other hits, or do people just have shitty taste in music? Take Theory of A Deadman, for example. They are pretty stellar, and their songs aren’t about teenage love, and their voices aren’t confused with girl ones, and yet they don’t have nearly as many views as the ever so girly sounding Justin Bieber. Which reminds me, I have to draw a mustache on the shirt I bought still. That’s the only way he will ever have “hair” on his upper lip. It was three bucks, and I wanted to deface it more than anything. Then I never got around to it. Like other things.

Is it just me or does it seem like people like really bad artists? I’m not going to lie, I have a thing for Selena Gomez. But it is mostly because she is a good influence for young girls, and the fact her beats make me power walk for a few miles on the treadmill. She is the youngest UNICEF ambassador in the history of them. That says something about her, and a lot more about other famous people who are a few years older than her, her age, or even younger. She is the kind of person the world needs to show young people even they make a huge difference.

There is music out there that will hypnotize you. The kind of music where someone tapping on your shoulder trying to talk to you starts to piss you off. The kind of music that you are forced to close your eyes while listening to it, because it speaks to you that much. Miley Cyrus doesn’t do that, Justin Bieber doesn’t do that, Selena Gomez is much too pop rocky to do that. You know who does that? Krezip, Augustana, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin. I mean Dear Agony and Give Me A Sign make me cry. Not to mention Three Days Grace, Never Too Late does too. Some artists have this uncanny ability to portray their emotions through their music, and you can hear and feel the pain in their voice. Miley sounds the same in all of her stuff. Her songs that claim sadness, grief and broken heartedness is there through the lyrics, she doesn’t show in her voice. Experience has nothing to do with it either. Music should be sung with feeling and every emotion that the lyrics should reveal to the listener. It shouldn’t be like karaoke, and a lot of the time these days it is. It is beyond ridiculous. I stay away from music that is empty.

And yes, I am going to go get my apple pie ice cream.